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Say hello to guilt-free indulgence – these sweet snacks and high-protein, healthy desserts are part of our Smart Swaps range, aiming to help people stay motivated and on-track with their daily nutritional intake.

What Healthy Desserts Do We Have?

We have an arrangement of alternatives to help you make smarter choices whilst still getting your sweet fix. We have such things as low-calorie desserts, high-protein snacks, ice cream, protein brownies, protein jelly and much more – we have it all.

Will Low Calorie Desserts Taste As Good?

We have created all our products to be a genuine alternative to their sugar-filled equivalent. This means that we put taste at the top of our priority list alongside the nutritional quality. Each product in our dessert range has been specifically formulated by our world-class team to offer an innovative alternative to your typical supermarket choices, therefore they have been made without the added sugars or fat, which means less calories and guilt-free snacking. 

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